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Dear parents, you may notice that your child tends to breathes through the mouth even at rest. It is a sign of abnormality. You have to take into consideration and have to report to your dentist, who is an expert in the field. In that case, we have the best team of doctors at PS Dental centre who are well versed in the field of Mouth breathing and in treating your child with personalized care.

Majority of us, buy toothbrush based on the number of advertisements shown per day.
It is totally wrong of selecting a good toothbrush from the market, depending on the advertisement rather than the criteria/morphology of the toothbrush that an individual needs.

cosmetic dentistry

Smile Designing / Smile Makeover

Everyone has a unique set of facial features and a unique smile. It is a fact that a beautiful smile is a very valuable social asset and apart from making you look younger it also boosts your self-confidence.

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)
After Care Advice  

Sensitivity(although uncommon) can happen, for the first one to two days after the procedure.
Brush your teeth until the sensitivity goes away.
If you have previous dental problems such as cracked, missing, broken teeth or cavities, sensitivity from the procedure can be intensified so it is recommended that you have these problems fixed prior to teeth whitening.